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The firm specializes in the following areas:
  • Banking Law
  • Corporate
  • Commercial and Labor Law
  • Notarial Services
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Tax and Administrative Law and Commercial
  • Civil and Labor Litigation
With special focus on:
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Electrical Generation Law
  • Mining Law
Asensio, Barrios Andrade & Asociados, established in 1975 by Julio Asensio Wunderlich and Jorge Asensio Aguirre. It's current partners are Jorge Asensio Aguirre, incorporated to the firm since it's creation, Ignacio Andrade Aycinena who incorporated to the firm in 1990, and Axel Barrios Carrillo, incorporated in 2003. The following Attorneys are associates to the firm:
  • Luis Enrique Solares Larrave
  • Rosa María Montenegro de Garoz
  • José Alberto Sierra Rosales
  • María Elena Barrios de Benítez
  • Marcelo Charnaud Bran
  • Dinora Ceijas Díaz
  • Alejandro Solares Solares

The firm has currently 26 employees and is considered among the highest growing midsize firms in Guatemala.
7a. Avenida 5-10 Zona 4. Guatemala, C.A. 0104.
Centro Financiero Torre I, 10o. Nivel Oficina 3 y 4
Teléonos: (502) 2331-8168, 2334-512, 2334-7865. fax: (502) 2331-3706